Oct 06 2020

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1/9/20:  Tangrams

The next Webinar in our series on Making the Most of Manipulatives will feature the Tangram. Many people view the Tangram as simply a puzzle but Dr Paul Swan will demonstrate a range of measurement and geometry concepts and even fraction understanding may be developed with the humble Tangram.

Participants are encouraged to download a Tangram from and cut it out prior to watching the webinar so they can participate in the activities and gain the most from the session.

6/10/20: Developing Number Sense with a Number Board

It is amazing how much mathematics may be generated using a number board. In this webinar Dr Paul Swan will use a 1 – 120 Number Board, a few counters and a dry erase marker to highlight counting, calculating, place value and even a little bit of algebraic thinking. Download a Number Board or two from ready to try some of the activities featured in this webinar.

3/11/20: Teaching with Tiles

This simple manipulative is extremely versatile and may be used to support the learning of measurement and geometry ideas such as area and symmetry as well as teach children about number patterns and algebra. Be sure to download a set of colour tiles from and cut out the colour tiles ready to participate in some of the activities featured in this webinar.

1/12/20:  Reasoning with Rods

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