Sep 09 - 10 2021


8:30 am - 3:00 pm


$185 per person per day

(Perth) Greatest HITS (High Impact Teaching Strategies) in Mathematics

In this two-day course Paul Woodley and Paul Swan will share various sets of High Impact Teaching Strategies.

Participants will be given the chance to explore some of these strategies as they apply to the teaching of mathematics. Many researchers have presented a list of effective teaching strategies in mathematics and they all have areas in common but with some significant differences.

  • 10 General HITS (Hattie et al, as used in Victoria)
  • 10 Effective Pedagogies in Mathematics Anthony and Walshaw (UNESCO)
  • 8 National Council of Teachers of mathematics Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices
  • 6 Teaching Practices for the Australian Mathematics Curriculum (ACER: Sullivan)

The key ideas will be synthesized and applied to meet the needs of schools and individual classroom teachers. We hope that by the end of this presentation, schools will have been able to make some decisions about their situation and perhaps have chosen those strategies that will meet their current needs.

While participants will be exposed to a range of High Impact Strategies some strategies provide more “Bang for Buck” in that they cost little, in terms of time and money to implement, for example ‘Wait Time’. Some require more sustained effort such as the ability to ask effective questions. The structuring of lessons so as to incorporate a number of HITS will be explored and participants will be given opportunity to tailor the structure to better reflect the needs of children and teachers.

2020 was a very difficult year for schools.  From our conversations with leaders it seems many schools struggled to develop continuity in their programs and to navigate their way forward in mathematics.  This course may prove timely for many schools, with the introduction of a revised curriculum next year which we are told will have stronger links to the proficiency of Reasoning.

Participating schools will receive articles to read and discuss. Ideas will be offered for challenging staff to develop a whole school approach that incorporates High Impact Teaching Strategies


Follow-up mentoring, by negotiation is offered (through Paul Woodley) to help establish pathways to implementation.  This will be at extra cost to the two day course.


Details of the course

Venue – Ziggies Educational Supplies, 25b Baile Road, Canning Vale 6155

Workshop cost – $185 per participant per day.    A light lunch and morning tea will be made available.


Register: Contact Paul Woodley [email protected]


Ziggies Educational Supplies
25B Baile Road, Canning Vale, Western Australia
Dr Paul Swan


Dr Paul Swan

Other Organizers

Paul Woodley
[email protected]

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