Apr 18 2023


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(Perth) Prevention and Intervention of Maths Difficulties

Face-to-Face PL

One day (6 hours)


Date: Tuesday April 18th

Time: 9am to 3pm

Location: Ambrose Estate Wembley Golf Course

200 The Blvd, Wembley Downs WA 6019

Room: Ambrose 1 with deck to view to golf course

Free parking onsite at Wembley Golf Course

Cost: $250 including GST



Bond Blocks is a whole school system made up of ready-to-go, sequenced resources to build a firm foundation from counting to calculating in addition and subtraction. Bond Block resources can be used:

  • At Tier 1 as part of quality, differentiated whole class teaching, from Kindergarten to Year 3, to reduce the numbers of students requiring intervention or
  • At Tier 2 as intervention with small groups or Tier 3 with individual students on Individual Education Plans, from Kindergarten to Year 6.


The Bond Block System is made up of 3 kits of resources:

  • “Counting to 10 with Bond Blocks Kit” – Pre-Foundation Curriculum (4-year-old children)
  • “Counting to 20 with Bond Blocks Kit” – Foundation Curriculum (5-year-old children)
  • “Bond Blocks Core Intervention Kit” – Years 1 to 3 Curriculum


Each Bond Block resource targets the major predictors of maths difficulties, identified by research, with evidence-based teaching strategies. Each kit contains assessment and monitoring resources in both physical and digital formats, including a placement test.


These resources have been designed to support students with learning difficulties and are linked to the Australian Curriculum versions 8 and 9, ABLEWA and Victorian Curriculum (Levels A to D).


Bond Blocks was developed by Western Australian classroom teacher Narelle Rice in partnership with Dr Paul Swan.

This day of professional learning is an in depth look into the Core Kit.


Suitable for:

  • Classroom Teachers of Years 1 to 3.
  • Classroom Teachers of Years 4 to 6 who have students who add and subtract using their fingers.
  • Intervention Teachers and Education Assistants who support students with difficulties in maths.
  • Numeracy Leaders looking for a whole school approach in maths.


PL Outline

  • Overview: Using for the Core Kit in a response-to-intervention framework.
    • Whole Class Teaching in Years 1 to 3 (Tier One)
    • Intervention Years 1 to 6. (Tier Two and Three)
  • Research: Characteristics of students who are at risk in maths.
  • Theory: Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach
  • Theory: Connecting Mathematical Language
  • Theory: Explicit teaching and a Sequenced Curriculum
  • Activity Boards. Complete and discuss a range of activity boards including:
    • Activity 6 Building a Bond Wall
    • Activity 9 Fluency Racing Cars
    • Activity 11 Subtraction
    • Activity 13: Missing Number Equations
    • Activity 50 Bridging 10 Addition
  • A detailed look at how to use the Placement Test, Monitoring Tools and whole-school tracking sheets.
  • Implementation: How to use the Core Kit at a whole class and intervention levels.


Time will be allocated for you to ask questions, explore the resources including the website and network with others. Come and enjoy some time out of the classroom to engage in an in depth look into the Bond Block Core Kit.


There are no pre-requisites for this session. If you have attended an “Introducing Bond Blocks Core Kit PL” (level 1) session this information will be repeated during parts of the day but in significantly more detail. Most of the day is new content in addition to the Introducing Bond Blocks Core Kit PL session.



Wembley Golf Course
Ambrose Estate Wembley Golf Course


PL Session


Narelle Rice

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