KenKen Tournament

KenKen Tournament

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Have you been using KenKen? It’s been quite popular since our first post about it.

We have a great introductory booklet on how to use this fun mathematical puzzle.

KenKen Booklet

Years 2 - 7+ | This booklet will guide you on how to use the hit game KenKen® (often found in the newspaper with other brainteasers like Sudoku) in your class. Use KenKen® puzzles to build Fluency and Reasoning in a fun and engaging way. Inlcudes illustrated guide and 10 puzzles of varying difficulty.

If this is your first time hearing about KenKen then there’s no time better than now than to learn the game. KenKen has earned a place in a number of newspapers and puzzle books including a new puzzle published daily in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ian from KenKen Australia has also organized a local KenKen Tournament with Local and National finals leading into the KenKen International Tournament! In the past Ian has helped sponsor young Australian puzzle-crackers to enter the Finals in New York, USA.

More information can be found here:

For daily KenKen puzzles see here:

If you’re itching for more, there are KenKen puzzle books on the KenKen Australia website (Note: we have no financial affiliation with KenKen, we just really like the puzzles!)