Counting to 10 with Bond Blocks: Pre-Foundation (Ages 4+) Book

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“Counting to 10 with Bond Blocks: Pre-Foundation” Book


This is the first book in a two-book series by Narelle Rice and Dr Paul Swan. It contains activities to do with one set of wooden Bond Blocks, to teach numbers to 10, using a Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach.


The activities are organised in three sections:

  • Student led play using the Introductory Activities
  • Guided play using the Activity Cards (sold separately)
  • Teacher led instruction using the Counting Activities.


The Counting Activities are sequenced to target skills identified by research as key predictors of difficulties in maths at this stage of development.

Counting forwards 1 to 10

  • Starting at one
  • With a missing number
  • From any number
  • Identifying the number after

Counting backwards from 10 to 1

  • Starting at ten
  • With a missing number
  • From any number
  • Identifying the number before

These skills are assessed in early years state testing and require explicit teaching. Each of these activities are linked to the Assessment Counting Skills Checklists.


The book includes different Assessment Counting Skills Checklists to monitor progress at either a whole class or individual student level for students on Individual Education Plans.


The activities are linked to the Australian Curriculum. They are also linked to the ABLEWA Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum (Levels A to D) to support students with learning disabilities and additional learning needs.


To complete every activity in this book each student needs the following materials:

  • 1x set of wooden Bond Blocks
  • 1x clear plastic spinner
  • 1x set of connecting 2 cm cubes

These items are not included in the purchase of this book.

They can be purchased separately or together in the “Counting to 10 Pre-Foundation Bond Blocks Kit”.

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