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Double-Sided Magnetic Student Whiteboard Pack - A4

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Includes whiteboard and eraser

Engage all of your students together in the learning process. Children will be more attentive when they are required to respond with some form of instant feedback. Our double sided magnetic quality whiteboards can be used in a number of ways.

Suggested uses:

  • Whiteboard – Write on/rub off on either side using a dry erase marker
  • Magnetic Surface – Affix magnetic teaching aids to either side eg. magnetic letters, numbers, counters, pictures etc. to either side (both sides have steel surface to attract magnetic accessories).

Sample questions:

  • Show me a triangle
  • Draw and label all the cylinders in the classroom
  • Order these number/fractions/decimals
  • Here are 5 words. Write down the odd one out
  • Show me how to spell…
  • Write as many words as you can think of starting with a “ph” within a given timeframe


  • Frame: 295mm x 210mm
  • Writable Area: 270mm x 180mm

Please Note: If teachers need to retain students’ work as evidence, the boards can be photocopied.

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