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Problem Solving Triple Pack (eBook)

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Problem Solving Number Line-Up Puzzles

“Problem Solving Number Line-Ups”, consist of 28 copyable cards for classroom use.

Suitable for middle primary to lower secondary students, these problems develop number skills, problem solving, reasoning and promote algebraic thinking.

This resource provides the teacher with a focused problem solving genre. Teachers are supported with the comprehensive “Strategies Explained”, “Answers” and “Answer Variations”  sections.

Problems have been organised into ‘similar problem sets’ and with the reproducible ‘Answer Sheets’, teachers can easily track student progress.


Geometry Cut-Out Puzzles

Activity Booklet featuring 60 pages with 30 Geometry-based puzzle cards.

Full answers and two sizes of cut-outs included (small and large)


Geometry Stick Puzzles

Activity Booklet featuring 30 Geometry-based puzzle cards.

Includes full answers.

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