SIREN 2 Range 0-1000 Pack (Download)

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Licenses to print the SIREN Range 0-1000 Games. Purchasing the complete bundle can be done at a discount.

Includes the following in digital download format.

  • Number Sequence and Comparing Numbers Manuals,
  • Playing at the Park 3 Game,
  • Fun at the Fair,
  • Pirate Treasure 3 Game,
  • How Long is 1000? Game,
  • The Washing Line 3 Game (requires pegs on a string),
  • Castle Quest 3 Game

SIREN is an acronym for Screening and Intervention Resource for Early Number. This package is designed to support you with:

  • identifying children lacking key number skills in the Foundation year, Year One and Year Two;
  • providing targeted teaching to address these areas of difficulty through small group and partner games;
  • providing whole-class experiences to target a small selection of key numeracy skills.

SIREN was first launched in 2014. This updated SIREN set (sometimes referred to as SIREN 2) represents an expansion and update of the SIREN program.

The program also ties into the Interactive Assessment available here.

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