The 2019 Storeroom Awards!

The 2019 Storeroom Awards!

Mathematics manipulatives – like library books – need to be treated with care. Remember the first rule of Kindy – “Clean up your own mess!”

I visited one school storeroom and saw a bunch of measuring tapes in a lonely, dusty box. They were tangled, in all different lengths (1m and 1.5 m) – some even were in imperial units!

To help teachers sort out their maths gear and choose the right manipulatives in the first place I have created an online Encyclopedia of mathematics manipulatives.

I would like to acknowledge the support of Edx Education ( who supplied us with hundreds of photographs (they also manufacture the ever loved cards and many of the manipulatives we have on the site).

Competition time!

I would love to see photos of your storeroom!

Best Storeroom Award

  • Show us your shiny, clean, organised and envy-inducing store room (Make sure to hold up a piece of paper in the picture with your name so we know its your photo!)
  • Email your picture to [email protected] with the subject “storeroom competition entry”
  • Prize: Your choice of any 5 of the books in the Manipulative Manual series

Best Transformation

  • Show us your old ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan of a storeroom (if your storeroom needs a cleanup now’s the time for that spring clean!)
  • Prize: Your choice of any 5 of the books in the Manipulative Manual series

How Many Tapes?

  • Guess the number! Prize: A book

Competition runs until September 30 with Prizes chosen thereafter.

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  1. 60 tapes are in the box

  2. 103 tapes

  3. 38 tapes is my guess!

  4. 53 tapes

  5. 125

  6. 78

  7. 90

  8. 120 tapes in the box

  9. 31 tapes in the box

  10. 67

  11. 175 tapes in the box?

  12. 82 tapes in the box

  13. 161 tapes

  14. 42 tapes

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