Check the Clues 2 (Years 4 – 8) eBook available

Check the Clues 2 first came out in 2015, and has since been used in hundreds of schools around the country.

I’m happy to announce Check the Clues 2 has received a fresh coat of colour paint and is now back in eBook form.

If you’ve bought the more middle/upper/secondary oriented Clues books from the A to E series, Clues 2 is a perfect opportunity to get even more Clues Cards in the updated style.

Alternatively, if you’ve not used anything from the Check the Clues series and you want to see a wider range of activities in one book, Check the Clues 2 (eBook) is the perfect place to start before diving into the more specialised books – download it and get printing today!

Check the Clues 2 on the store