Developed by Narelle Rice with support from Dr Paul Swan
Bond Blocks is a system of over 100 sequenced activities to comprehensively teach Addition and Subtraction, including application to word problems and related algebra.
Bond blocks has two targeted uses:

1) Mental Maths for Years 1 to 3:

  • Link part-part-whole understanding with basic addition and subtraction fact fluency and associated word problems.

2) As a Wave 2 & 3 Maths Intervention Support System for Year 1 to lower Secondary:

  • Intervene early with younger students to close the gap.
  • Help students move on from counting to add and subtract.
  • The Bond Block Test is used for placement and monitoring.
  • Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities.

The Bond Blocks System also features two introductory sets of materials for the prerequisite skills:

Features of Bond Blocks
  • They are not scored, reducing the tendency to simply count.
  • The natural wood colour of the sustainably-sourced New Zealand Pine reduces distraction of colourful plastic and focuses children on the numbers.
  • Represent ten with two different blocks: Linear Ten and Empty Ten Frame, similar to a ten strip and ten frame.
  • They are a ratio of one unit : 2 cm making them easy to manipulate.
  • Self-checking. Encourages number sense and estimation.
“I think 9 - 4 is 6. Oops! 6 is one too big.”
“It must be 5. I’ll check. Yes 9 - 4 is 5.”
Features of the Bond Blocks Intervention System

The Bond Blocks Maths Intervention Program is fully sequenced, Australian Curriculum linked and follows a Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach.

  • A comprehensive learning system – 108 activities
  • Activities are completable in 10 minutes
  • All activities are modelled on video with explicit teaching and demonstration to teachers how to link the mathematical manipulative, the language and symbols.
  • Explanation of the mathematics
  • Mathematical language specified
  • Assessment and monitoring
  • Positive Testimonials from Schools & Teachers, Homeschoolers & Students
108 activities
Two Students playing a game in the Bond Blocks System

An example Bond Blocks lesson

See the lessons & Read the Testimonials:

Bond Blocks is an Australian Maths Intervention Support Program.