Developed by Narelle Rice with support from Dr Paul Swan
Bond Blocks is a system of over 100 sequenced activities to comprehensively teach Year 1 to 3 Addition and Subtraction, including application to word problems and related algebra.
Bond blocks has two targeted uses:
  1. Mental Maths for Years 1 to 3: Linking part-part-whole understanding with basic addition and subtraction fact fluency and associated word problems.
  2. As a Wave 2 & 3 Intervention Support System: For older students who count to add and subtract.
    The Bond Block Test is used for placement and monitoring. Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities.
Features of Bond Blocks
  • They are not scored, reducing the tendency to simply count.
  • The natural wood colour of the sustainably-sourced New Zealand Pine reduces distraction of colourful plastic and focuses children on the numbers.
  • Represent ten with two different blocks: Linear Ten and Empty Ten Frame, similar to a ten strip and ten frame.
  • They are a ratio of one unit : 2 cm making them easy to manipulate.
  • Self-checking. Encourages number sense and estimation.
“I think 9 - 4 is 6. Oops! 6 is one too big.”
“It must be 5. I’ll check. Yes 9 - 4 is 5.”
Features of the Bond Block System
  • A comprehensive learning system – 108 activities
  • Activities are completable in 10 minutes
  • All activities are modelled on video with explicit teaching and demonstration to teachers how to link the mathematical manipulative, the language and symbols.
  • Explanation of the mathematics
  • Mathematical language specified
  • Assessment and monitoring
  • Positive Testimonials from Schools & Teachers, Homeschoolers & Students
108 activities
Two Students playing a game in the Bond Blocks System

An example Bond Blocks lesson

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