(Old Kit) Bond Blocks Counting to 10/20 PL (Level 1)

An introduction to the concepts and materials of the Counting to 10 and 20 with Bond Blocks resources.

Total Duration: ~100 minutes. Two 60 minute sessions is recommended to allow time for discussion.

How Video PL courses are set up

The way the courses are designed are such that Individual seats were aimed at teachers looking to do solo PL (under their name) or small groups (<10) under the guidance of a PL coordinator running the session. The School licence is for a larger audience but the assumption is that the session will be facilitated by a PL session coordinator.
The person purchasing the video PL course is assumed to be the person who will run the PL session. If the purchaser is not the person running the session, whoever will be running the session will need the login details to the purchasing drpaulswan.com.au account. This is why we generally suggest a school account for sessions and school licences.
If a number of staff are to watch the PL on their own time, you are welcome to do this. However, they will each need your drpaulswan account details. We do not have a system for distributing individual course access out to each individual seat for an institution with a school licence.

Course Information



Bond Blocks Counting to 10/20 PL (Level 1) – School

$450.00 inc. GST

Bond Blocks Counting to 10/20 PL (Level 1) – Individual Seat

$45.00 inc. GST

Individual seat for personal accounts or small schools, purchase 1 per unique attendee