A Guide To... Series

Q: These guides are very comprehensive, why are they free?

I want to share good teaching, but I also think once you see the quality of the guides, you’ll also want to watch the associated video PL. Video PL can be bought by the school, or under individual licences.

Video PL: Geometry

Historically, Geometry has been an area that students have done quite poorly in in standardised testing. In this course Dr Paul Swan will take you through the concepts of Geometry and present some activities you can use in the classroom to get across vital geometric ideas.

Video PL: Classroom Maths Games

In this course Dr Paul Swan will present a series of games you can use in the classroom. This is an easy-going course, with a small amount of theory before launching into games you can use. Comes with printable games booklet.

Video PL: Mental Warm Ups and Maths Talks

The first course is all about establishing Warm Ups and some of the activities you can use. Course 2 is 45 minutes of even more activities.