Beginner Bingo – Time to the Half Hour (and Hour) (Download)

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Beginner Bingo is a simplified form of Bingo designed for young children. Beginner Bingo cards only have 6 items on each page.

To play, hand out one board to each player. Then simply flick the spinner or roll the dice* and cover the appropriate item on the board with a counter or mark.

This pack focuses on:

  • Time to the half hour with analogue and digital clocks (Australian Curriculum Year 1 ACMMG020) with time to the hour mixed in.

Pack Includes:

  • Instructions & differentiation guide
  • 6 game board designs
  • Progressive content spinners
  • Pocket Dice variations of the above spinners
  • Blank game board template
  • Pocket Dice template
  • Spinner template

Video on how to make a Pocket Dice