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Bond Blocks Intervention Kit

$1,100.00 inc. GST


This package consists of 1 Big Bond Blocks Crate, which includes:

  • Two sets of wooden Bond Blocks in their carry cases
  • A package of the 9 printed activity chapters (106 activities in total)
  • A materials pack including Write and Wipe Sleeves, Round Spinners, Beadstrings, Counters and Pens
  • And all of the support and teacher materials available at

What is Bond Blocks?

Bond Blocks is a comprehensive system for the teaching of basic addition and subtraction facts. The Bond Blocks system has two purposes:

  1. Mental Maths for Years 1 to 3
    Linking part-part-whole understanding with basic addition and subtraction fact fluency and associated word problems
  2. As an Intervention Support System for students in Years 3 – 6
    For older students who count to add and subtract.

The Bond Block Test is used for placement and monitoring. Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities.

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