Cards on the Table

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Cards on the Table is a perfect companion to Card Capers, featuring more card games that are simple to teach.

The games are designed for a range of ages from early years through to upper primary, and cover topics such as basic number facts, the four operations, shapes, fractions and decimals, negative numbers and early algebra.

Includes photocopiable black line masters and clear instructions. Each game has been linked with the appropriate content description from the Number and Algebra strand of the Australian Curriculum.

Cards on the Table Book
Australian Curriculum Links
F: ACMNA289 Children will be comparing numbers, considering the sequencing of small numbers (initially) and the concepts of more, less, equals and in between.
Yr 1: ACMNA015 Part-part whole thinking. That is, the relationship between the parts and the result when adding and subtracting numbers. Children are encouraged to link addition and subtraction in this game.
Yr 2: ACMNA030
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Develops fluency with basic addition facts to ten.
Yr3: ACMNA051
Yr 4: ACMNA071 These games encourage children to look for patterns when adding two or more numbers. For example, when you add two odd numbers the result is always even.
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Develops fluency with basic addition facts.
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Adding strings of numbers.
Yr 2: ACMNA026
Yr 5: ACMNA098 Students identify various types of numbers,; prime numbers and multiples
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 3: ACMNA056 Doubling and halving small numbers.
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Finding differences and squaring numbers.
Yr 6: ACMNA124 Adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.
Yr 3: ACMNA053 Calculating the difference between two three-digit numbers.
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 4: ACMNA075 All four operations (+, –, x, ÷) are used to achieve a total of 100.
Yr 5: ACMNA101 Division with remainders. Two-digit numbers, single-digit divisor.
Yr 2: ACMMG042 Various concepts covered via matching, eg
Fraction Decimal Percentage
Shape Concentration
Yr 3: ACMNA053
Yr 6: ACMNA131 Various concepts covered via matching, eg
Counting Numbers: Connecting names, numerals and quantities.
Place Value
Fraction Decimal Percentages
Equivalent Fractions
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 4:  ACMNA075
Various concepts covered, eg
Addition Subtraction Basic Facts
Multiplication Division Facts
Language of Number
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Develops Fluency with all basic facts +, –, x and ÷
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 6: ACMNA124 Develops fluency adding positive and negative numbers and reasoning.

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