Dice Games for Tables

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An ideal companion to the book Tackling Tables. Filled with games and ideas for helping children to learn the basic multiplication facts.

All games have been classroom tested
All games use commonly available dice
Game boards are provided ready to copy and use in class.

Australian Curriculum Links (Version 9)

Recall and demonstrate proficiency with multiplication facts for twos.

Recall and demonstrate proficiency with multiplication facts for 3, 4, 5 and 10; extend and apply facts to develop the related division facts.

Recall and demonstrate proficiency with all multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and related division facts.



Dice Games for Tables Book
Australian Curriculum Links (Version 8) Concepts
The games in this book have two general purposes.  The Double-Double and Double-Double-Double games focus on building up a strategy for understanding and linking the multiplication tables, as outlined in the introductory sections “A Word About Tables” and “Teacher Notes”.  Depending on the teaching and learning activities that accompany the playing of the games, they can be used to develop a variety of competencies named in the Australian Curriculum:
Yr 2: ACMNA031 Recognise and represent multiplication as repeated addition, groups and arrays
Yr 3: ACMNA056 Recall multiplication facts of two, three, five and ten; and subsequently
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Recall multiplication facts up to 10×10 and related division facts
The Australian Curriculum hence values the learning of two, three, five and tens times tables before others (the latter two of which can be developed using a doubling/halving strategy as presented in this book), but it is left to the teacher to determine how these should be learned.  Whilst there are many ways of learning multiplication tables, use of the doubling strategy also facilitates understanding of the nature of multiplication and therefore:
Yr 4: ACMNA076, Develop efficient mental and written strategies and use appropriate digital technologies for multiplication and for division where there is no remainder
This content item specifically names the use of known facts and strategies including commutativity, and doubling and halving, which are directly supported through the teaching approach suggested.  These strategies are also practised during activities to extend the games such as examining doubling patterns and creating student-designed game boards.
The games Mini Multi, Maxi Multi and Turn the Tables are provided as opportunities to practise the strategies and multiplication facts developed through the games, together with all other multiplication facts to 10×10.

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