Linking Cubes (Pack of 500)

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Recommended for Year 2+.
For Pre-Foundation, Foundation and Year 1 we recommend Maths Cubes instead.

This pack includes 500 linking cubes wrapped in a plastic carryable bag.

2cm, linkable on all sides


Linking Cubes vs Maths Cubes

Linking Cubes are a harder plastic than Maths Cubes, we recommend linking cubes for older children and Maths Cubes for younger students, due to the softness of the material and the shapes on the side of the cubes.


In four colours: 125 Red, 125 Yellow, 125 Blue, 125 Green

Restricting the number of colours will help students focus on the maths rather than construction at this age. The colours have been chosen for their distinctiveness.


Watch the free Cubes Webinar to get some good ideas on what you can do with them.
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aka Interlocking 2cm Cubes, Multilink Cubes, Multi-link Cubes, 2cm Cubes

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