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Number Lines

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Comes with a series of games to demonstrate the progression of ideas towards number lines.

The games are included in the book in A4 size, but the A3 Game files can be downloaded and printed – see book extras in Downloadable Resources section of the site.

Number Lines Book
Australian Curriculum Links
Yr 1: ACMNA012
Yr 1: ACMNA013
Develop the language and processes of counting – starting with sequences to 10, 20 and eventually beyond 100.
Recognise, model, read, write and order numbers. Locate these numbers on a number line.
Yr 1: ACMNA015
Yr 2: ACMNA030Solve simple addition questions; facts that add to ten.
Yr 1: ACMNA013
Yr 2: ACMNA027
Yr 3: ACMNA052
Yr 4: ACMNA072
Yr 4: ACMNA078
Yr 5: ACMNA102
Yr 6: ACMNA125
Yr 7: ACMNA152Recognise, model, read, write and order numbers. Locate these numbers on a number line.
Locate and represent fractions on a number line.
Compare fractions using equivalence. Locate and represent positive and negative fractions and mixed numbers on a number line .
Yr 1: ACMNA015
Yr 2: ACMNA029
Yr 3: ACMNA054Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems.
Explore/Explain the connection between addition and subtraction.
Yr 3: ACMNA055Develop increasingly efficient strategies for addition.
Yr 2: ACMNA031Represent multiplication as repeated addition, groups and arrays.
Yr 2: ACMNA032Recognise and represent division as grouping into equal sets.
Yr 4: ACMNA074Investigate number sequences involving multiples.

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