Video PL: Classroom Maths Games

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Allows access for this Course for 12 months

In this course Dr Paul Swan will present a series of games you can use in the classroom. This is an easy-going course, with a small amount of theory before launching into 6 games you can replicate in your class (2 in each of the year ranges K/P/1, 2-4 and 5-6). It also comes with a 24-page workshop booklet of games you can keep, as well as a copy of the download for the game Gold Rush .

The video duration is 55-minutes, meaning a 1-hour session is required, although the video can be broken up into two 45-minute sessions by spending a bit longer to try the games out on-site.

This PL Video goes together with the free “A Guide to Classroom Maths Games” booklet available on

Session Organisers are encouraged to prepare (per group – optional):

and to watch the first 3 minutes of the course video.


About Licences: A “Seat” is any unique person who will be participating in the video PL course. Repeat viewers in the 12-month period do not need another seat.

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