Video PL: Measurement

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In this video Paul examines the key elements of measurement using length as an example and then applies these key ideas to other aspects of measurement such as area, mass and capacity.
Supporting planning documents are provided to help develop a whole school approach to Measurement. In addition a Milestone document for developing concepts of time is provided as well as time related games.

Practical activities requiring a minimum of materials are used to illustrate key elements of measurement. participants may choose to try all of some of them depending on time constraints.

Session takes 60 minutes, but you may wish to take some extra time to do the activities, where you may wish to split it to two 45-minute sessions.

Encouraged to prepare (per group – optional):

•Ruler/1m tape or longer

•Paper & Pencil



•(Optional) Popsticks or matchsticks

•(Optional) Measurement Review Guide

•(Optional) Printed copies of the Measurement Map

•(Optional) Telling

About Licences: A “Seat” is any unique person who will be participating in the video PL course. Repeat viewers in the 12-month period do not need another seat.

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