NAPLAN-Style Word Problem Solving Solution

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Free-Form Solution: Teaching NAPLAN-Style Word Problems

This solution focuses on the teaching of NAPLAN-style Word Problems.

It is 5 hours PL on this topic with Dr Paul Swan and Narelle Rice.

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About this solution:

Solving “NAPLAN-style” Word Problems
5 hour video professional learning series
Develop a whole school approach to solving word problems in mathematics using:

  • Polya’s four-step approach to problem solving
  • Diagrammatic strategies (e.g. bar model, “Singapore Maths”)

Dr Paul Swan and his colleague Narelle Rice systematically demonstrate how to apply this approach to solving word questions across a range of problem types and year levels. They analyse the mathematics behind the various questions and explain the understanding and reasoning required to solve word problems.
Each video in the series comes with sample questions, support posters and documentation so that teachers may try out the suggestions made in their class. School leaders may ask staff to watch a video, try the suggested ideas and report back before watching the next video.

  • 40 page course guide including 11 Posters.

Video PL

This video PL will help you establish a whole school approach to this genre of problem solving.

Solution Resources Bundle

There is no student-facing question book for teaching this specific style of Word Problems at the moment, only the PL and its example questions.

The titles listed below are the most appropriate similarly styled problem solving books. While not exactly the same, you can use any of the general problem solving titles, such as the ones in this bundle.

Phase 2

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