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I understand it’s a tough time for teachers worldwide at the moment

Hopefully our new support page drpaulswan.com.au/teaching-at-home can be of use.
It’s designed to help both parents and teachers in finding quality activities.
I’m currently flat out developing new content to go on there too so watch this space!
Please share with anyone currently tearing out their hair out trying to figure out what they’ll be doing!!! There’s hundreds of activities right there to take your pick from.

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  1. Leila Sheehan

    An amazing resource! Thank you for sharing your work!

  2. Kristine Williams

    Really appreciate everything you are providing. Thanks Paul!

  3. Annette McKenzie

    These teaching resources look great. Just wondering if there are similar resources available for kindergarten ( pre-school) children aged 4-5, perhaps linked tho the Australian Early Years Learning Framework curriculum or Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Frameworks?
    Many kindergarten teachers are also having to provide remote learning and as I’m sure can be appreciated this is very new to us too , especially when so much of our teaching is hands on.

    1. Paul Swan

      Unfortunately different states have different names etc for the pre first compulsory year if school. In WA my Grand daughter 3 -4 has just completed Kindergarten which is onsite with the primary school and managed by the Primary School Principal. She went 2 days one week and 3 days the next. It is not compulsory. Whereas this year 4-5 she is in preschool 5 days a week which is compulsory. We thought we would start with the compulsory years from foundation to Year 6. Unfortunately the EYLF does not specify too much in mathematics. This is a long winded answer to say that the best I have at the moment is the book Early Mathematical Experiences.

      Unfortunately because states vary there isn’t a one size fits all that we can create. I will be putting up some routines and games that I play with my granddaughter.

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