NAPLAN 2018 Analysis (2019)

I don't want to over-emphasise the NAPLAN tests, but I have made a few interesting observations about the paper based 2018 papers. As I have noted in the past, literacy…

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Early 2019 Courses

In addition to working with individual schools and school networks next year I am running some short courses with David Dunstan from AISWA early next year The headstart courses are…

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If you enjoy playing Sudoku, you will love playing KenKen, the "Thinking Person’s Sudoku". KenKen enables the player to use logic, strategy and number sense to solve KenKen puzzles that…

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Some STEM Resources

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I have been working in Canberra Melbourne and recently with 240 Network Teach members here in WA. I would like to share some excellent resources that I have come across…

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