Bond Blocks At Home Core Kit (2023 Edition for Tutors/Homeschool)

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A version of the Core Intervention Kit aimed at Homeschoolers and Tutors

This package consists of:

  • 1× set of wooden Bond Blocks in their carry cases
  • 1× package of the 9 chapters of printed activities (108 activities in total)
  • 1× At Home Materials Pack including Write and Wipe Sleeves, Round Spinners, Beadstrings, Counters and Pens
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Implementation, Assessment and Monitoring” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Teacher Notes” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Differentiation” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Answers” book
  • Includes all of the support and teacher materials available at
    • Over 100 Support Videos (The Core Kit includes printed support for the lessons)
    • Activity Notes for Explicit Teaching
    • Pre-made “A little easier” & “A little harder” Differentiated Tasks
    • Placement and Monitoring Test
    • Excel Spreadsheet for Test Results and Tracking Learning
    • Pre-made PDF and Excel Sheets for Monitoring Activity Progress

What is Bond Blocks?

This kit can be used for Wave 2 and 3 Intervention with small groups. The activities systematically target every addition and subtraction content descriptor from the Year 1 to 3 curriculum.

Suitable for students from Year 1 to lower secondary who count to add or subtract and are not fluent with basic facts. Addition and subtraction concepts are taught explicitly. Includes missing number pre-algebra concepts and application to word problems.

Includes a colour-coded Placement Test and single student goal setting and Excel tracking tool.

The Bond Block Test is used for placement and monitoring. Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities.

Every activity is modelled in a short video and has its own webpage detailing related mathematical concepts, mathematical language and differentiation.

Kit contains materials to work with 4 students simultaneously.

“Do I need the regular Core Intervention Kit instead?”

  • This set is designed for home and tutor use only and is not suitable to be used in schools. See the Core Intervention Kit instead for school usage.


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