Introduction to Milestones for Basic Addition & Subtraction Facts

A video series on a teaching basic facts guided by the Milestones planning system. This video gives a brief rundown of understanding and implementing Milestones in your school and focuses on the earlier years (f-2) as an introduction.

Materials used in this session (per group)

The group size can be anything you like, but the games are designed for 2 players. While technically optional, the materials are used for the accmpanying activities that enhance the experience of this session.

  • 1x Ten Frame
  • 10x Two-sided counters
  • 1x 0-9 Dice
  • 1x Cards (Regular playing Cards or School Friendly Cards)
  • 1x Beadstring (20)
  • 1x Round Spinner or pencil & paperclip

Alternatively, you could purchase the Essential Maths Pack and Beadstrings

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$350.00 inc. GST
1 year of access