Quick Curriculum Guides for
Parents & Teachers

Originally developed to help parents at home with their kids, these have also found a place in the classroom for many teachers.

They’re a great resource to send home to parents, but you may find some of the comments my colleague Linda and I have to make enlightening. For example, what does it mean when the curriculum says “recall”? What’s classified as “very simple” addition? Download and find out!

Please note this is just our interpretation and recommendations. Created with the ACARA Australian Curriculum: Mathematics under Creative Commons License.

Note: Although we have put the entries of the Australian Curriculum in one box each, they are not equal in terms of their importance or the amount of time needed to provide an understanding. Some entries will only need one of two learning sessions. Others will benefit from more, and need re-visiting a number of times throughout the year. Some entries, after an initial learning session, can be given incidental mention as the occasion arises. Teachers will use their professional judgements when deciding how long to allow for each of the entries; often combining some of them within one or more learning sessions.