Class Planning Documents


Milestones are in-depth sample sequences for schools to adopt a whole school approach to that area.

They are closely linked to materials available on the shop and often also to freely available materials.

Measurement Maps

I would like to thank Peter Farmer from the Association of Independent Schools of WA (AISWA) for allowing us to share his Measurement Mapping Tools.

Peter has linked key components of the Australian Curriculum to each part of the Measurement Strand of the Australian Curriculum: Length, Area, Mass, Volume & Capacity and Time.

Peter has created sample plans linked to First Steps in Mathematics activities (which are freely available for download). I am sure teachers will appreciate how Peter has linked the activities to the expected language at the year level and listed the resources required. One set of maps is blank ready for teachers to enter their own plans.

Works best paired with the Curriculum Thread Charts

Curriculum Thread Charts

These documents visualise the various “threads” of the curriculum – a.k.a ideas which carry through the years.
They are useful for understanding how content builds upon each other, as well as having links to Dr Paul Swan items and other content on specific topics.

Linked to the Australian Curriculum.