2D3D Geometric Solids

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Geometric Solids, 24 pieces.

12 solids with 12 nets. 12 unique shapes, solid & net, 8 cm size. Activity Guide included (see back of box)

Each set of 10 solids includes:


  • Square Prism
  • Rectangular Prism
  • Triangular Prism
  • Hexagonal Prism
  • Pentagonal Prism


  • Square based Pyramid
  • Rectangular Pyramid
  • Hexagonal Pyramid
  • Triangular Pyramid
  • Pentagonal Pyramid

Also Includes

  • Cylinder
  • Cone

Students can sort, name and classify 3D objects. This will require the use of language such as prism, pyramid, polyhedral, vertices faces and edges.

Note cylinders, cones and spheres have ‘curved surfaces’

Explore volume, surface area and 2D/3D properties. Compare volumes of different solids with the same height.

Definitions and explanations vary a little so consult your local curriculum guides when teaching students about geometric solids.


Solids: Made of durable plastic

Nets: made of durable/flexible soft plastic.



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