Bond Blocks 4 Block + 1 Materials Pack Core Kit Add-on

$330.00 inc. GST


Blocks and materials to support:

  • 4 more students simultaneously in an intervention setting (where it is not feasible to share blocks)
  • 8 students in a whole school/ mental maths setting (occasional block sharing)

An add-on to the Bond Blocks Core Intervention Kit (required). This will allow you to run Bond Blocks as a Mental Maths system.

4x sets of wooden Bond Blocks valued at $277
1x Materials Pack (enough for 4 students) valued at $71.50

  • 5× A3 Plastic Sleeves
  • 5× Dry Erase Markers​
  • 5× Round Spinners​
  • Two-Sided Counters
  • 4× Beadstrings
  • Transparent Tokens


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Weight 4 kg