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Colour Tiles

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Colour Tiles: Colour, 48 Pages

Colour Tiles are an underrated mathematics manipulative. This manual opens up many possibilities for using Colour Tiles – from number work to Geometry: Symmetry, Measurement: Area and perimeter, Number: Fractions.

Teachers will love the Colour Tile Conundrums that help children build their mathematical language, problem solving and reasoning.

Colour Tiles Book
Australian Curriculum LinksConcept
F: ACMSP011Counting
Collect information, make simple inferences
Yr 1: ACMNA018Investigate and describe simple patterns
Reasoning Proficiency
Yr 3: ACMNA051
Yr 4: ACMNA071Identify odd and even numbers
Investigate and use properties of odd and even numbers
Yr 1: ACMMG023+Language of mathematics: Give and follow directions
Yr 1: ACMNA015
Yr 2: ACMNA033
Yr 2: ACMNA031Simple addition: doubling
Multiplication as repeated addition
F: ACMNA004Modelling simple addition
Yr 1: ACMNA015Solving simple addition problems: facts that add to ten
Yr 5: ACMMG115
Geometric ReasoningTranslations, Reflections & Rotations
Yr 6: ACMNA127Find a simple fraction of a quantity where the result is a whole number
Yr 4: ACMNA076Equivalent fractions
Yr 5: ACMNG109Perimeter/Area Rectangles
Yr 4: ACMNA075Single-digit multiplication. Array model of multiplication
Yr 4: ACMNA081Explore and describe number patterns resulting from multiplications
Yr 4: ACMMG091Create symmetrical patterns
Yr 5: ACMSP116
Yr 6: ACMSP145List outcomes of chance experiments
Language of Mathematics & ReasoningLanguage of mathematics & reasoning

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