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These math games are designed to teach a range of different subjects to years 2 and 3. It aligns to the version 9.0 of Australian Curriculum: Maths.

Double dribble is a basketball themed board game that requires you to double negative and positive numbers to solve problems. Take off and catch a crook both involve answering questions about addition and subtraction to move further around the board. Build a band teaches and revises mental strategies for solving addition sums.

A Simple Design

Each of these games is structured similarly to the well-known Candyland and require a spinning wheel to move around the board. This shared likeness to traditional games makes these easy to follow and a lot of fun to play.

Easy to Play

The A3 sized boards are made of laminated matte cardboard which is lightweight to carry around. These games can be played anywhere and easily packed away, allowing your students to play at their desks, alongside a lesson, or during recess.

The mixed math games can be used to assist a range of lessons, specifically teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Maths games are also a fun way to break up class lessons with different content and can be played in pairs of larger groups. These games are a great way to subtlety reinforce math content whilst keeping your whole class entertained.

In full, this product contains:

1x Take off
1x Double dribble
1x Catch a crook
1x Build a band
100x 19mm transparent counters
10x Spinners

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