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Set of 4 mixed maths games by Dr Paul Swan. Treasure Trove, Stop the Clock, Fraction Action and Division Decision.

  • Stop the Clock is designed to link the reading of digital and analogue clocks. Various time related phrases are used throughout the board
  • In Treasure Trove students will be able to practise basic maths concepts such as addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • As the name implies Fraction Action deals with equivalent fractions. Three spinners are provided with the game symbols, words and pictures. Students race around the track by moving to the next equivalent fraction as shown on the spinner.
  • Division Decision as the name implies highlights division with single digit divisors that leave a remainder. Students perform the division and move forward according to the remainder.

All 4 of these A3 (420mm x 297mm) game boards are matte laminated to ensure durability. Each set of 4 games is supplied in a PVC storage wallet complete with all the required components including counters, dice, spinners, teacher notes and audit sheets.

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