Counting Principles: Numbers Chart Poster

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Directly Links with #1, #2, and #3 on the Counting Principles (Part 1) Poster

Mathematically this is the ideal number chart for early years. The consistent-spacing and identical image depiction is optimal for young students. Distractions have also been removed from this poster.

Includes 2 posters

  • Numbers Chart Zero to Ten
  • Numbers Chart Zero to Ten (Variant – free)

Further Explanation:

The ‘apples’ poster relates to the first three principles of counting.

It might look a little boring because all the apples all the same size, shape and colour. However, we did this for some very important reasons related to predictors of difficulty in maths and the sequence of counting principles.


Predictors of Difficulty

Both these skills relate to number line thinking where students learn how numbers relate to each other. Students who are at risk in maths take a long time to answer these questions because they have to start counting from one to work them out.

Because the apples are all the same size shape and colour students can ‘see’ relationships such as:

  • Each number in the counting forwards sequence is one more than the number before it
  • Each number in the counting backwards sequence is one less than the number before it.
  • Some numbers are a lot more (or less) than others. For example, 8 is a lot more apples than 3.
  • In the counting to 10 sequence, 5 is around the middle, 9 is the number before 10.


Counting Principle Sequence

These relationships are much harder to see in number charts that focus on abstraction. For example, this poster relates to the abstraction principle of counting.

  • Absrtaction Counting Principles Poster

Abstraction is important but it comes after the first three principles and is not directly related to skills predictive of student difficulty.

Other posters related to the principles of counting include:


Professional Learning

More information about how the counting principles and predictors of difficulty are related this see:

“Introducing Counting to 10 and 20 with Bond Blocks” (Level 1 video PL)


Teaching Resources.

For a resource that systematically targets these skills predictive of difficulty see “Counting to 10 and 20 with Bond Blocks”


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