School Friendly Cards (100 Packs)

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100 packs at a discount.

About School Friendly Cards:

School Friendly Cards are a set of playing cards that are easier to use. Picture cards and suits are replaced by numbers and shapes, lowering cognitive load and allow a focus on the maths. These cards are great for younger children, but are still suitable for older students. They:

  • Include a zero card per suit, allowing more mathematical options,
  • have their picture cards Jack, Queen and King replaced by an 11, 12 and 13,
  • have no standard suits such as clubs, spades etc, but rather colours and shapes,
  • and have shapes on each card have been configured in standard subitising patterns

Many schools choose School Friendly Cards to avoid the associations with gambling of regular playing cards

For further ideas see Maths Games with School Friendly Cards Book 1 or Maths Games with School Friendly Cards Book 2. For ages 4+


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