Ten Frames (Set of 16)

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16 Ten Frames with 200 two-colour counters in a clear storage box with hinged lid.

The Ten Frame is a versatile tool that may be used to teach early number concepts as well as early addition facts such as

Build to Ten facts

Doubles and

Bridge Ten (when two ten frames are placed side by side.

Ten frames may be used in early place value activities.

The kit is made up of 16 strong ten frame trays (160 mm x 65 mm), and 200 red/yellow two-sided 25 mm counters. This means you will have 40 spare ones just in case you lose a few. The kit comes in a compact clear plastic box with a hinged lid.

While a single set of 16 will suffice in a class of 32, two kits would allow each student to have their own ten frame. Then pairs of students can work together when two ten frames are required in an activity that involves going beyond ten to twenty.

Note prior to using ten frames we would encourage the use of a five frame and then a ten strip, so that students link the magnitude of numbers to length.

To gain the most from ten frames see Teaching with Ten Frames.

The game race to twenty which maty be downloaded from www shows how two ten frames are used side-by-side.

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