SIREN (Screening and Intervention in Early Number)

Screening and Intervention in Early Number (or S.I.R.E.N for short) is a set of materials, manual and associated games that focus on the early predictors of mathematics performance. First released in 2014, SIREN has seen a large overhaul in 2021 that adds games and makes the materials even easier to use.
Young children are tested on these predictors when on entry interviews take place (MAI etc). There are five strong predictors:
  • Number Identification typified by missing number type questions 4, 5, ? or 4, ? 6 or ?, 5, 6.
  • Magnitude Comparison: Questions such as “Which is the bigger number 7 or 9?”
  • Subitising: Seeing a dot pattern in a glance and knowing the number of dots. There are two sorts of subitising, percentual – the ability to see three and possibly four. It is thought that you are born with this ability. Later you can develop conceptual subitising where you see groups within a larger pattern
  • Short Term Working Memory: SIREN does not focus on this predictor
  • Basic addition fact knowledge. Knowing 5 and 2 is 7 in years 1 and 2 is considered a predictor of later success in mathematics.
We have provided some free tests to check, Number Identification, Number Magnitude and Subitising. See the interactive program here
Now we are pleased to release a set of materials, SIREN, that will help teachers target these key predictors. The materials are designed to be used with small groups and are made up of a manual and some A3 games. The materials may be used as part of a balanced program or used to support any young children identified as experiencing difficulties in mathematics.
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