Place Value Solution

Solutions are cohesive sets of materials or full programs targeting specific areas.

Comprehensive Solution: Place Value Suite

About Teaching Place Value:

This series of books is designed to support a whole school approach to the teaching of place value.
Plans, assessments and activities are provided for each year level. Using these resources teachers will be able to differentiate activities to meet the needs of students.
Activities use simple materials and are ideal as short warm-ups and can form the basis for an entire lesson.

Teaching Place Value

The ultimate goal of this series is to help you use these activities in a whole school way.

That means consistency across the years to make the process familiar for both students and teachers from year to year.

The Facilitators Guide is a school-based 6-module professional learning resource that is supported by videos (see further down this page).

The Facilitator’s Guide is mainly useful if you intend to use the books as part of a whole-school approach. If you are an individual teacher just looking for activities, see the year level books – they also work great simply for that purpose.

Facilitators can print out pages and demonstrate how the activities mesh together.

The videos are ordered by the sessions set out in the Facilitator’s Guide book.


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