Coloured Rods (Fraction Bars) – Set of 74

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Also known as Cuisenaire Rods, Fraction Rods, Colour Rods.

This is a pack of 74 rods.

Do counting, basic facts, patterning and measurement work with these rods. In later years, they can be used for fractions work.

Made from plastic, these rods come in ten colours and ten lengths from 1 cm long (white) to 10 cm long (orange).

Ideal for developing early addition and subtraction multiplication and division understanding. Later the same rods can be used to explore number patterns and problems. This same set of rods may then be used to develop fraction concepts such as equivalent fractions, addition subtraction and multiplication of fractions.

The student set includes:

  • 4x Orange (10 cm)
  • 4x Blue (9 cm)
  • 4x Brown (8 cm)
  • 4x Black (7 cm)
  • 4x Dark Green (6 cm)
  • 4x Yellow (5 cm)
  • 6x Purple (4 cm)
  • 10x Light Green (3 cm)
  • 12x Red (2 cm)
  • 22x White (1 cm)

To get the most out of this manipulative see Reasoning with Rods.

If using the rods to develop fraction understanding download the game, Rod Fractions.

What to do with Rods:

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