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Dice Dazzlers

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This book contains short, simple games, ideal for the first 10 minutes of a maths lesson. Each game makes use of commonly available dice and the book provides templates for playing boards and score sheets.

Games focus on number recognition and ordering, place value, arithmetic, operations, multiplication facts, square and prime numbers, early exploration of chance and strategy, plus more!

Suitable for all primary years although slightly more suited for lower and middle primary.

Dice Dazzlers Book
Australian Curriculum Links Concept
Yr F: ACMNA002
Yr F: ACMNA003
Connecting number names, numerals and quantities
Yr 1: ACMNA015 Simple addition partitioning
Yr 2: ACMNA030
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Compatible numbers (Make to Ten)
Perform simple addition mentally
Yr 3: ACMNA051 Identifying odd and even numbers
Yr 3: ACMSP067
Yr 2: ACMNA030 Simple chance ideas
Simple addition
Yr 2: ACMNA030
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Fluency with adding numbers 1 to 6
Yr 3: ACMNA056
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Multiplication basic facts
Yr 2: ACMNA028
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Place value
Addition and subtractions of numbers into the hundreds
Yr 6 ACMNA134
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 3: ACMNA056
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Order of operations
All basic facts
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 3: ACMNA056
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Mathematical language associated with all four operations
All basic facts
Yr 3: ACMNA056
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Doubling
Multiplication facts
Yr 4: ACMNA075
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Multiply numbers to 20 by 2 or 3 and then keep a running total.
Yr 4: ACMNA074 Multiples
Yr 6: ACMNA122 Identifying square and prime numbers
Yr 3: ACMNA055 Adding two-digit numbers mentally
Yr 4: ACMNA075
Yr 4: ACMNA074 Recalling basic multiplication facts
Yr 1: ACMNA013 Comparing and ordering two-digit numbers. Showing the position on a number line.
Yr 3: ACMNA055
Yr 4: ACMNA075 Adding two-digit numbers mentally
Recalling basic multiplication facts

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